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Securing VueJS Applications with JSON Web Tokens

May 1st 2018 @ 10:30 pm

VueJS and other SPA frameworks is changing the way we approach building front-end clients, but securing single page apps is more complex than ever. Some of the old security problems we used to have don't exist anymore, but new ones have emerged. In this talk, we'll discuss and show how you can implement token-based authentication with JSON Web Tokens in your VueJS apps as well as cover common security challenges like XSS, CSRF and ways to address them.

Speaker Bio: Ado Kukic
Ado is a full-stack developer, advocate, and evangelist at Auth0. Mixing his passion of programming and education, he creates tutorials, courses, and other educational content focusing on security, authentication, and much more. On the front-end, he prefers Angular, while on the backend he flip-flops between Node.js and Golang.

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